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As a not-for-profit organisation we rely heavily on sponsorship's each year to bring the best of the Midcoast to the shores of Wallis Lake, Forster Tuncurry.
Without the support from our sponsors and community, the event wouldn't be as great as it is for the past 6 years. So Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you and we can't wait to work with you for our 7th year!



As a sponsor you will enjoy a wealth of brand exposure opportunities. Depending on the sponsorship package your
organization chooses, you can expect your brand's name and logo to be featured on Lakeside Festival’s websites, social media posts, and emails before and during the event.

Here are 10 reasons you should sponsor our event:

1. Brand Visibility
Sponsorship's put your brand visuals in front of large audiences who haven’t heard of your business. The bigger the event, the more press and social media mentions you get before, during, and after the event day.

2. Targeted Marketing
Our event attracts highly interested customers. Catering to niche audiences or member organizations. You gain opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions.

3. Consumer Perception
Public perception can make or break your business. On the other hand, customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to high-profile events. Customers will assume your business is reliable and reputable if you can sponsor other organisations.

4. Efficient Lead Generation
Think about the amount of time you normally spend hunting for 10 qualified leads. How about 20, 50, or 100? Not only does LFEST bring you a host of compatible customers, but they also show the human side of your business. Forming an emotional connection is half the battle of building brand loyalty. By attending in person, you can learn about customers, promote your products, and build a mailing list.

5. Sales Goals
Along with leads, our event allows you to rack up sales on the spot. Setting up a branded booth to feed hungry fans is an easy way to get new business.

6. Community Goodwill
Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of event sponsorship. Customers love brands that care about spreading positive messages and helping the community.
Community involvement also sets you apart from larger brands. People have more incentive to support your business if you’re invested in the local community.

7. Content Strategy
Event sponsorship's provide fresh material to expand your content strategy. By connecting with the event holder on social media, you can find relevant audiences to target.

8. Audience Insights
Event sponsorship is a beneficial learning experience for new and veteran business owners. After all, a roomful of great minds is better than one. You get a firsthand look at how other businesses differentiate themselves and attract customers.


9. Business Relationships
Are you in the market for new partnerships or supplier relationships? Our event is are great places to find non-competing businesses you can collaborate with in the future. Small business owners are busy folks, so most are happy to share leads and cut their legwork in half. Find out what businesses are participating and prepare pitches to introduce yourself to key players.

10. Return on Investment
Whether you plan to sell or not, LFEST is about starting quality relationships. The goal is to leave with a list of leads to follow up on afterward. You don’t necessarily need to make a huge profit on event day, as long as you have a long-term way to leverage your investment.

Let's make the most of your event sponsorship!

Our Audience 



The Festival’s target market is a broad age group with families as the main priority.

We create a cultural environment with a diverse range of activities appealing to many interest groups.  Festival patrons embrace culture in a friendly, safe, healthy, outdoor environment.

Forster NSW
Sydney NSW
Newcastle NSW
Taree NSW
Tuncurry NSW
Port Macquarie NSW
Brisbane QLD
Wingham NSW
Old Bar NSW
Gold Coast QLD


John Wright Park has the capacity of 3000 attendees in our licensed fenced off area. With unlimited capacity to the Market and Art Exhibition. Estimated average of attendance 4.5k 

Followers: 3,550+   LIKES 3,470+

  • In the lead up to the event we average 4K to 8.5K reach per post.

  • Average social media post we receive 2.4K views.

  • Our latest posts we average 12.7K views

Followers: 715+  


30,143+ Website UNIQUE VISITORS SINCE 2013

New Visitors: 72.3%
Returning Visitors: 27.7%

Page views 61,190 | total number of page views


5300+ Subscribers SINCE 2013

Who's involved?


The volunteer committee of Lakeside Festival Inc. formed in 2013. The Lakeside Festival is a NOT FOR PROFIT event that we believe generates over $3.0m yearly into the local economy.

The Lakeside Festival committee, though careful budgeting has successfully managed 6 prior events.

Funds from each festival are channeled directly to the following year to cultivate and expand the event.

Members of the committee each specialize in different areas of the organization of the event, volunteering their time and providing their experience. The team comes from various backgrounds including local businesses, neighborhood services, marketers and artists.

They join to create a positive and well-organized cultural event for the wider community.

Lakeside Festival respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which the festival takes place. 

We embrace the amalgamation of surrounding council regions consisting of The Great Lakes, The Manning Valley & Gloucester regions. 

Preference is given to all exhibitors, vendors, performers & suppliers within these areas.

Simply E.S.C.A.P.E to the Mid North Coast.

  • Establish and maintain an annual destination event for Forster - Tuncurry NSW, AU.


  • Showcase local culture, live music, art, food, wine and produce of the Barrington Coast.

  • Celebrate our beautiful lakeside and the best of the Mid Coast.

  • Attract “out of peak season” visitors and tourism.

  • Promote Forster ‐ Tuncurry and region by expanding awareness of experiences and attractions on offer.


  • Exhibit local arts, crafts, products and services.


The Lakeside Festival provides an avenue to engage the local and wider community.

Since the first Lakeside Festival in 2013, thousands of people have visited the Great Lakes to be part of the Festival. Market stall holders, harvest community, food and beverage vendors and performers all attend to benefit from their exposure to festival patrons. Patrons include visitors from other regions and residents. We love Networking!

Hundreds of local Volunteers have emerged over the years from local businesses, neighborhood services, high school students and youth groups, disability groups, marketers, artists, designers,

Local support and sponsorship for the festival is provided by the local Council, Business Chamber, Great Lakes Art Society, and other community organizations, together with a variety of local Businesses, and Accommodation providers.

It is encouraging to see the local community acting as tourism ambassadors for the area and proudly showcasing their region to enhance the image of the Great Lakes and the community where we live and work. We want to share everything we love about our region.

Join our LFEST TEAM!

There are a variety of opportunities for sponsorship participation.

The sponsorship packages offered are flexible and we are happy to discuss your ideas and tailor the package to more closely match the marketing objectives of your business. Download our Sponsor Info Pack or simply fill in your details below.



When a group of people demonstrate the drive and commitment to volunteer their time to promote an event that the local community and businesses will benefit from they need to be encouraged and assisted so they can achieve their vision.We plan to participate in the Lakeside Festival and will assist wherever possible to make it successful. This type of event provides the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the rich diversity of food, wine, arts & entertainment the Great Lakes region offers and will serve to encourage and grow these specialty industries.We encourage other businesses and local government to support this event.” 


—  Robyn Piper, Director Great Lakes Winery


Proudly sponsored by

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