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Waste free by 2020

Updated: May 7, 2019

Let's work together to achieve a zero waste, 100% fun weekend.


We were absolutely blown away with everyone's effort last year on leaving the festival spotless. We may have found a few odd lost items and miss placed personal belongings but at the end of the night our parks were sparkling. Well done!

So where did our waste go? In the bins provided yes, but unfortunately a big chunk of our waste went to landfill. We've come together with some of our supporting sponsors and volunteers to help make a difference. We are a little wiser, greener and focused on the 3 R's. - It's been a team effort, Thank you!

REDUCE 1. Purchase a Midcoast Waste Services coffee mug at our Merch tent and save yourself from using the single use cups or BYO. 2. BYO bags to shop at the Lakeside Create & Grow Market. 3. Sort your waste accordingly at our waste stations. This will help us minimise what goes to landfill. Look out for the Green, Yellow & Red lid Bins provided by JR Richards & Sons & Midcoast Waste Services.

REUSE 1. When you fill in our survey you receive a FREE MidCoast Water Services water bottle. Refillable at our water stations located at the bar & merch tent thanks to Access Fuels & Midcoast Waste Services. 2. Bring your glass back for a refill and save on waste Recycle at the end of the night or take it home as a souvenir. 3. Food scraps and other organic items will be going to the worms at Beach Bums Cafe Farm. This includes your used napkins.

RECYCLE 1. Return & Earn fundraiser for the Great Lakes Womens Shelter Project 2020. Simply donate all your cans and bottles into the GLWS bin. Excluding wine bottles they go in the yellow recycling bins. Last year we raised over $500! 2. Most of our food stalls will be serving food in 100% recyclable or compostable materials & we ask that you use the correct bins during the festival.

Let's all keep our paradise clean & make sure to take all belongings with you. Have a fantastic FESTIVAL WEEKEND!

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