Laura Zarb

Introducing Laura Zarb…  opening for 2020 Lakeside Festival!

Laura's compelling voice, infectious folk grooves and contagious energy will have you hooked as soon as she introduces herself at #LAKESIDE2021. 

Laura Zarb has lived a life on the road, taking her music from town to town. She has experienced life from the back of a van, used beachside showers to shave her legs, lived and performed in European mansions, and at times hidden away like a hermit to regroup, reinspire and discover Love. So listen, as her songs tell the tales of life, love and the road.

Her vocal tones have been compared to greats such as Janis Joplin and Ella Fitzgerald. Her ability to switch from all out raunchy rock and blues numbers to sweet and dulcet tones keeps her audiences on their toes and wondering just what she'll play next. 

Her lyrics are witty, smart and written from the heart. To hear Laura perform one of her original songs is to be offered a glimpse into her head, heart and soul. She writes and sings with an honesty that is fearless in its delivery and passionate in its simultaneous strength and vulnerability.

Roots, Indie, Blues

Home Town

Manning Valley NSW

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